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A Capable and Committed Workforce is critical to the success of any company.

ACD has developed a rigorous recruitment process to attract the best talent pool of high-caliber professionals who are willing to embark on new challenges, embrace a team-oriented mindset, and are committed to life-long learning. Nurtured in an ambitious, collaborative, professional, and empowering culture, ACD’s 4,000+ multinational associates thrive on the principle of “Performance with Purpose” and are actively engaged in their own career development. ACD is fully committed to hiring, developing, and growing local talent in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.

ACD defines “diversity” as the sum of all characteristics that make each individual unique. ACD strives to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse workforce, as well as foster an inclusive work environment that values all our differences.


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“We will better understand the needs of our consumers and foster innovation if each of us embraces diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business.” ACD associate testimonial

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Training/Team Building

ACD is as invested in its people as it is in providing quality products to its customers. As a result, ACD can boast a highly skilled, motivated, and engaged team that is equipped and prepared to tackle any challenge. ACD's workforce is the pillar of its success, as they embody the company's principles and values.

ACD is committed to empowering its team members by investing in their skills and enhancing their lives. It does so by providing them with opportunities to develop as individuals in the workplace through certified training sessions and team-building activities aligned with the company’s culture.

“In short, our work environment is as refreshing as our products.” ACD associate testimonial

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Dedication to Quality

In recognition of Al Jomaih’s continual practice of achieving the highest standards of quality and hygiene over the years, the company has earned some of the most prestigious quality awards, including:

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Caleb Bradham 2022 Gold


Caleb Bradham 2022 Platinum

Caleb Bradham Bronze 2018

Caleb Bradham 2018 Bronze

1200x900px__0000_Quality Food and Safety_2017

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2017

Quality Food and Safety_2010_1200x900px_0001_Quality Food and Safety_Silver 2016_Riyadh

“Quality and Food Safety” - Silver 2016 Riyadh

1200x900px__0001_Quality Food and Safety_2016

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2016

Caleb Bradham Brone 2016

Caleb Bradham 2016 Bronze

Quality Food and Safety_2010_1200x900px_0002_Quality Food and Safety_Silver 2015_Aquafina

“Quality and Food Safety” - Silver 2015 Aquafina

Quality Food and Safety_2010_1200x900px_0003_Quality Food and Safety_Silver 2015

“Quality and Food Safety” - Silver 2015

Caleb Bradham Gold 2015

Caleb Bradham 2015 Gold

Caleb Bradham 2015 Silver

Caleb Bradham 2015 Silver

1200x900px__0002_Quality Food and Safety_2015

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2015

Caleb Bradham Silver 2015

Caleb Bradham 2015 Silver

1200x900px__0003_Quality Food and Safety_2014

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2014


Caleb Bradham 2014 Bronze

1200x900px__0004_Quality Food and Safety_2013

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2013

1200x900px__0005_Quality Food and Safety_2012

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2012

Quality Food and Safety_2010_1200x900px_0004_Quality Food and Safety_Silver 2011

“Quality and Food Safety” - Silver 2011

1200x900px__0006_Quality Food and Safety_2011

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2011

1200x900px__0007_Quality Food and Safety_2010

“Quality and Food Safety” - 2010

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